Benefits of Giving CPR Training to Employees at Workplace

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency process performed on cardiac arrest victims to preserve brain function until any emergency medical services team arrives. 5 Benefits of Taking CPR Classes In the Workplace Empowering: Through CPR training employees will feel empowered by being able to lend a helping hand and rescue a coworker.

Why CPR Training Essential for Security Guards?

CPR and first aid training are quite advantageous for security guards. Also Read: The Growing Trends of CPR and First Aid Training Classes Ability to Prevent the Occurrence of Life-Threatening Emergencies CPR and first aid training offer security guards the ability to avoid health emergencies from occurring.

Importance of First Aid in Our Daily Life

Whenever someone is injured, the first response is to provide the necessary help. When faced with an emergency where the victim is bleeding excessively, you need to act very fast to stop the bleeding and save the victim’s life as a responder.

How Has the CPR Process Changed Due to COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people widely; in closely all areas of life. Health systems have taken utmost pressure with the patients numbers and the high levels of complications resulting from the disease. The delivery of CPR has been at the receiving end of the pandemic. Not only has the condition changed the technicality of […]

The Growing Trends of CPR and First Aid Training Classes

Since it’s invention, education systems have constantly changed. Advantages realized from the customized CPR and first aid programs include: The development of a more focused program  The special CPR and first aid courses provide skills that are more relevant to the learner.

How to Choose the Best Online CPR and First Aid Training Course?

First aid is any form of help given in health emergencies or injuries to save the life of the victim, prevent suffering and reduce pain. There are different forms of first aid.  The type of first aid provided differs depending on the emergency and condition of the victim. In cases of emergency, first aid is […]

First Aid Tips to Treat Eyes Injuries

The eye is a special body organ made up of different components that work together to provide vision. The eye has a outer layer called the white layer or sclera. The white layer is relatively tough for protection. The sclera is covered by another thin transparent membrane known as conjunctiva. The membrane also covers the […]

Asthma Attack and Role of First Aid Training

Asthma attack also known as bronchial asthma is a condition where the individual’s airway gets inflamed and narrows down affecting breathing. The airway produces extra mucus that inhibit the flow of air in and out of the lungs. Asthma attack causes muscles around the throat to tighten a condition called bronchospasm. Some cases of asthma […]

What Every Professional Needs to Know About First Aid in Our Daily Life?

First aid is the earliest and immediate care provided to victims suffering from minor injuries or major health issues. First aid procedures make use of locally available items to save life, control pain and suffering, and prevent further details damage. There are different types of first aid for addressing different types of injuries. Everyone should […]

Why Every Babysitter Should be CPR/First Aid Certified?

Many childcare providers, nannies, and babysitters don’t have any first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) qualifications. Children are at a high risk of accidents, some of which could be life-threatening. Everyone needs some basic first aid and CPR training, babysitters should be in the front line in getting the right medical emergency training to take […]