What Are The Benefits of AEDs at Workplace

Learn some of the major benefits of having AEDs at workplace: Enroll today for the online CPR/AED training and certification and save the life of your people working at different workplace.

Why Do We Need AED Training and Where To Learn?

You’ve been informed that you need to acquire AED certification. However, it can be confusing as to which course it is you need to take. As a rule, the right choices are course offerings from the American Red Cross or the American Heart association. It’s also not unusual to find yourself frustrated- it can be […]

How To Give CPR To Child [Infographic]

Read the below infographic and learn the steps while giving a baby CPR: USCPROnline offers CPR/AED certification courses at $19.99 for Community, Workplace Employees, and Healthcare providers. Sign up today at: https://www.uscpronline.com/cpr-certification-for-community-workplace