How Has the CPR Process Changed Due to COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people widely; in closely all areas of life. Health systems have taken utmost pressure with the patients numbers and the high levels of complications resulting from the disease. The delivery of CPR has been at the receiving end of the pandemic. Not only has the condition changed the technicality of […]

AHA Guidelines for Pediatric CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care

The American Heart Association (AHA) constantly provides guidelines on caring for persons with heart disease based on research and scientific findings. The recent guidelines released in October 2020 base emphasis on the following areas: Improved algorithms and visual aids to guide resuscitation procedures. Significance of early CPR by lay rescuers. Significance of early epinephrine administration. […]

9 Guidelines for CPR During the COVID-19 Crises

Here are some of the important guidelines for health workers and bystanders while performing CPR on the cardiac arrest victim.  Enroll Now for Online CPR/AED Training and Certification Classes at just $19.99.