CPR Certification – Everything You Need to Know

CPR certification is a critical first aid procedure. Alongside the AED, the procedure is performed on victims of cardiac arrest to sustain life and restore normal heartbeat. Research suggests that only 3% of the United States population holds CPR certification.

9 Guidelines for CPR During the COVID-19 Crises

Here are some of the important guidelines for health workers and bystanders while performing CPR on the cardiac arrest victim.  Enroll Now for Online CPR/AED Training and Certification Classes at just $19.99.  

5 Mistakes People Make During The CPR

The below infographics shows the five basic mistakes rescuers or bystanders make while applying CPR on the victim.  Enroll Now for Online CPR/AED Training and Certification Classes at just $19.99.  

CPR vs First Aid- The Basic Difference

Difference between CPR and First Aid

First aid and CPR are both taken in emergencies to save lives. CPR is specific while first aid is a broad practice encompassing CPR among other lifesaving skills. CPR and first aid training are available to interested persons through institutions of choice mostly through online certification programs. These two are crucial skills and knowledge as […]

What Are Myths About CPR Certification?

CPR Myths - USCPROnline

How many times have we failed to save a situation or even a life due to the regarded myths and misconception? Whether it is through one-on-one interaction or internet and social media platforms, the answer may alarm you, or maybe not. We live in a digital era where information is readily available at the palm […]

Why CPR Training Is Important? [Video]

While heart disease is on the rise, CPR can help save lives of your children, parents, family members or even a strangers. Thus, CPR training is very important as it gives confidence you need to make good decisions and do everything possible during emergency situations. Below video shows the importance of learning CPR: Know more […]

How to Save a Life with CPR Chest Compressions

An emergency can happen anywhere and at any time. You could be at a supermarket in the middle of the day, at a nightclub enjoying a night on the town or just innocently walking down the street when someone nearby goes into cardiac arrest. If this happened to you, what would you do? Other than […]

What Are The Benefits of AEDs at Workplace

Learn some of the major benefits of having AEDs at workplace: Enroll today for the online CPR/AED training and certification and save the life of your people working at different workplace.

How Online CPR Classes Can Benefit You Without Impacting Your Budget

Imagine seeing someone have a heart attack right in front of you! What would you do? Most of us would call 911 and helplessly stand by waiting for emergency services to come. But this time spent waiting for an ambulance is crucial! If the victim does not have an adequate oxygen supply, it can cause […]