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Why Online CPR Classes Is the Best Option During the COVID-19 Crises?


March 30, 2021

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation  (CPR) is one of the most useful life savings skills. This critical skill uses simple techniques to save cardiac arrest victims, and is easy to learn and perform. In cases of cardiac arrest, the victim loses consciousness, the heart is not beating and experiences difficult breathing. In other cases, the victims are not breathing completely. To save the victim, there is need to maintain circulation of blood and provide oxygen to the vital organs. The body cannot function without oxygen as cells can die, leading to permanent organ damage or death.

CPR works by providing an artificial heart beat to maintain circulation of blood in cardiac arrest victims. The procedure involves chest compressions, and the quality of CPR provided determines the ability to maintain blood circulation. There are certified institutions offering CPR classes for interested persons. AHA accredited centers are always the best choice. Many people find online CPR classes as the best option.

Why Do CPR Online Classes Make the Best Choice During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

 Covid-19 has changed the order of doing business across the world especially where people have to be in close contact. The once enjoyed physical interactions are now a thing of the past, and personal space is now a necessity.  Among the reasons why online CPR classes make the best option include:

Covid-19 which started with a single infection has now spread across the world infecting millions and leaving over a million people dead. The virus spreads through contact and to control the spread, researchers have advised for everyone to maintain a social distance of one and half meters. Unfortunately the virus remains alive in the air for longer periods during which it can travel and result in infections.

It can also remains surfaces for hours and days depending on the type of surface. Even with proper disinfection and cleaning, it is difficult to completely get rid of the virus. Touching contaminated surfaces can lead to transfer of the virus from the surface to the entry point. The virus entry points are the mucus membranes which could be the mouth, nose and eyes. The virus particles, when inhaled can potentially cause infections. An infected person can infect as many people as they come in contact with.

Important to keep in mind is that even people without symptoms (asymptomatic) can infect others. It therefore becomes difficult to tell those infected without carrying out medical laboratory tests.

Is the social distancing recommended possible in a classroom setting? It is difficult to maintain social distance in classroom settings where interactions are part of the learning process. It therefore becomes safer for learner’s to take up online schooling. Online CPR course has simulated learning techniques that provide a feel of experience. The online learning procedure is found to produce just as good results with less risk of exposure.

CPR Skills Are Now a Necessity

CPR is a life savings technique which is now quite basic. People critically ill with Covid-19 are more prone to cardiac arrest. Statistics reveal that in hospital and out of hospital cardiac arrest cases have increased by over 50% across the world since the outbreak. As Covid-19 cases still remain on the rise, it is best to know how to safely perform CPR while protecting yourself from exposure to the virus. Studies show that it is possible to contract Covid-19 while performing CPR on an infected patient. The CPR process is highly aerosol generating and should be performed with proper PPE.

Covid-19 has been linked to both tachyarrhythmia and bradyarrhythmia, likely to cause sudden cardiac arrest and death. They are also common in ICU patients with Covid-19. However, the patients still have a chance of survival after cardiac arrest when proper treatment is offered.

Benefits of Online CPR Classes:

Flexibility: CPR online classes are quite flexible. Most people who opt for the online classes don’t have free time to attend physical classes. During this pandemic, everyone is working towards minimizing their travelling needs. CPR online classes are flexible in that:

You get to choose your own schedule. There is no need to clear your schedule to accommodate the CPR training. The classes are readily available and you can opt in any time you are free.

You can take the class from any place of choice. If you have a busy schedule there is no need to travel to attend a CPR class. The learner can train from the locality of choice with only their computer and internet connection.

Cost effective: Online CPR classes are the most affordable. With only a few dollars, you are already armed with your CPR certification. The pandemic has left people struggling financially, and with little cash to spare. Online CPR course will cut down the cost for you. The course is less costly and you don’t incur additional costs while taking the training such as travelling cost. If the course is not available in your locality, it’s no longer a problem as you have the option of taking the online classes. The certification is instantaneous upon completion of the course. You can print your valid certificate as soon as you complete the course. If you are running against time, online CPR certification will make the best option for you.

Zero limitations: There is need to have more CPR certified professionals due to the increasing cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest can occur anywhere when least expected. It can occur at home, to a family member or to a complete stranger on the street. As we saw earlier, Covid-19 has increased the cases of sudden cardiac arrest by half. It becomes, therefore, critical for everyone to acquire CPR skills. The good news is that CPR certification has no limitations:

  • People of any age can take up the course.
  • It does not provide minimum educational qualification.
  • CPR procedure is easy to follow.

For the above reasons, the online CPR training and certification classes is open for everyone to enroll.

Online CPR Recertification Program

There are new procedures coming in with regard to the performance of CPR during the Covid-19 pandemic. These changes are based on research findings and aim at keeping the rescuer safe while providing maximum help to the victims. The decision making process is critical and needs to be fast as every moment. There are factors that apply in the decision making process such as the availability of PPE, age of the victims and rescuer, underlying illnesses of both the rescuer and the victim. In some cases, the decision is a tough one and the rescuer risks his or her life as they try to rescue others

CPR certifications are valid for two year after which the individual need to enroll for a refresher course. Recertification classes are available online at a low cost.  Studies show that CPR skills deteriorate within six months if not applied frequently. CPR online recertification programs provide the following benefits:

  • You get to refresh your knowledge and skills.
  • You acquire new knowledge and skills based on research and findings.
  • You get your certification updated.

What Do You Learn in Online CPR Certification Classes?

CPR certification offers a wide range of skills and knowledge related to cardiac arrest and first aid:

  • You get to learn the causes of cardiac arrest and how to recognize a case of cardiac arrest. There are procedures assessing the victim for signs of life which are covered under online CPR certification courses. The earlier you recognize a case of cardiac arrest the more likely you are to save the victims life.
  • In CPR classes, you learn the theory behind cardiac arrest and likely causes. Some of the causes of heart problems are lifestyle related and can be avoided. The knowledge helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting loved ones from possible heart problems.
  • You learn how to perform CPR to keep cardiac arrest victims alive. The ability to provide high quality CPR depends on the level of skills. In CPR, the chest compressions should be to the recommended depth and rate depending on the age of the victim. You also get to learn how to perform CPR with rescue breathing without exposing yourself to illnesses such as Covid-19.
  • The AED, which is a critical device in cardiac arrest emergencies is also part of the CPR certification course. CPR on its own might not revive a cardiac arrest victim. Some cases of cardiac arrest are revived by the AED. The device works by detecting the state of the victims heart and delivering the necessary shock where needed. The device is easy to use. However, it requires training.


CPR is an easy to follow procedure. The skills can even be acquired by persons with limited educational qualifications. The need for more people to train on CPR is on the rise due to the pandemic. Online CPR certification remains the best option for persons interested in taking up the training. Online CPR classes are convenient on many ways, and it is best to ensure that everyone within your cycle holds a CPR certification.

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