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With CPR an NHL Player Cheated Death


March 1, 2017

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As it’s a proven fact that timely and appropriately administering CPR to a person who collapsed with a cardiac arrest can save the victims life. We are now giving a true story of someone who cheated death with timely CPR. To uncover the fact that age and fitness make less prone to cardiac diseases, but you may be victimized even if you are fit and young.

Brett Maclean, a Nation Hockey League player, was a super-fit young man who loves to stay active physically but unfortunately, his life twisted with an uncertain event. He suddenly collapsed on the ice when he was playing in a summer-picker match at Owen Sound. This Phoenix Coyote did workout prior to the event, but that does not seem to affect him as it was his part of life being an athlete.

It was a 42nd minute of the game when Brett collapsed suddenly after passing the puck to his teammate. His medical record was clean and didn’t face any cardiac trouble before; such problems are merely observed in people like Brett. But unfortunately it happened, but he is a lucky man who survived.

Two of the players in the game immediately rushed towards him throwing their helmets and gloves off and started administering CPR to him. One on the Phoenix Coyotes fan rushed to Brett while two players were trying to revive him. His father who is a firefighter knew exactly what needs to be done in this situation. He called 911 and brought clubs AED gave him shock while the players and Brett fan continued administering CPR until the ambulance reached the scene. Their immediate action saved Brett’s life.

Several tests were made to conclude what caused a disturbance in a rhythmic heartbeat, but they were not decisive. An ICD (implantable cardiac defibrillator) was inserted which will monitor Brett’s heart and will generate a small electrical shock in case of any abnormality of heart rhythm. Brett said ”I was lucky, the right people were there at the right time, It’s great that there was an AED there, but the fact that someone knew how to use it…that’s a big part of why I’m still here.

While he was recovering in hospital, he made a decision to spread the importance of learning CPR and AED. When he was released from the hospital with the help of his old friend he organized a hockey tournament in which ten teams played and raised awareness and funds to fight heart attacks and strokes.

Although Brett cannot play in NHL but still he can engage in other alternate physical activities like swimming, jogging and cycling with spreading awareness regarding CPR and AED as a top priority.