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First AID Procedure is Easy to Learn at AHA


March 11, 2017

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The American Heart Association commonly known as AHA is the leading non-profit organization working in the United States to raise public awareness about cardiovascular diseases. AHA organization also fosters efforts made for the availability of proper cardiac diseases treatments and works for the reduction of resulting disabilities and deaths due to these cardiac, vascular diseases.

The American Heart Association’s motto is “learn and live” which clearly reflect their aim and objectives. Having headquarters in Dallas, Texas AHA is volunteering on a national level to build a society free of cardiovascular diseases. Since its inception in 1994, the organization is working on a charitable basis and ranked 5th among 100 charitable organizations in America.

AHA has established standards for administering CPR, basic and advance standards for life support. Along with setting standards, it certifies individuals for BLS, CPR and first aid and its certificates are accepted nationwide. The American Heart Association also converges on cure and prevention of stroke by affiliating with the American Stroke Association.

The American Heart Association has designed a series of online certifications to cope with emergency situations. Either you want to certify as a professional, or you want just to get equipped to handle in such emergency situations when you find a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. American Heart Association has managed to gather free information as a part of increasing awareness about cardiac, vascular diseases.

The American Heart Association online certification suite has a blend of cognitive skills to learn via web-based modules and let you implement these skills by practicing them with the help of an instructor of American Health Association. Although there are certifications which do not necessitate physical training with instructors of American Health Association like Bloodborne Pathogens.

To encourage more of these certifications and American Health Association has launched iPhone and iPad apps to learn first aid techniques where ever you go. You can find stories of asurvivor who survived with the help of techniques provided by this app.

Learning CPR is no more a difficult thing even a kid or toddler can learn it now so why not you? Learn it today and be a part of the humanitarian force that helps others in their needs during an emergency situation. CPR training has been made compulsory for graduates in a number of states this indicates the significance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A few states are legislating to make the CPR training mandatory.