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When it comes to CPR certification, most people don’t realize that there is no singular, national accrediting agency for training and certification. This means that at American Training Association for CPR, we uphold the same standards and quality of CPR training as the Red Cross and similar providers, while offering you the most convenient and user-friendly courses. Our CPR and healthcare courses are accredited by multiple agencies across the country and follow the latest guidelines set by the American Heart Association.

We have certified thousands of students in the past 11+ years


CPR/AED Certification (Health Care Provider)

Course Details
Medical Professionals
Includes CPR (Adult/ Child and Infant) Training
Includes First Aid (Bleeding,Shock,Poisoning)
Bag Mask Techniques
Updated 2020 Guidelines
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Course Details
For Lay Responders
Includes CPR (Adult/ Child and Infant) Training
Universal Precautions
2020 Updates
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CPR /AED Certification (Community & Workplace)

Course Details
For the Community & Workplace
CPR (Adult / Child / Infant)
Recovery Position
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BASIC LIFE SUPPORT Certification (Health Care Provider)

Course Details
For Lay Responders
Includes Bleeding, Shock, Poisoning Other
Universal Precautions
Proper PPE Usage
Latest 2020 Updates
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Course Details
For Lay Responders
Includes Bleeding, Shock, Poisoning Other
Universal Precautions
Proper PPE Usage
Latest 2020 Updates
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Course Details
Universal Precautions
Infectious Disease Control
Best Practices / Precautions
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Our certifications are valid for two years. We incorporate the latest scientific guidelines, and our online courses are aligned with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Best Practices.
Our certification courses are accepted nationally and internationally by employers, volunteer organizations, regulatory associations, and public health groups alike. We follow the American Heart Association,, Emergency Cardiovascular Care, and ILCOR guidelines.
We offer discount packages designed to meet the needs of groups. We can customize a group account package that best suits your organization's needs, from ten members to ten thousand members. Group members have the same access to our materials as individual students.
After completing the course, you will receive your digital certificate and printable wallet card via email, where you can print it instantly.
We have a 24-hour email support to answer any questions you may have regarding your registration, coursework, exam, & certification.
You will receive your actual certification and free wallet card within 5 business days. We also ship the same day.

Our Certifications Are Valid For 2 Years

Our certifications are valid for two years. We incorporate the latest scientific guidelines, and our online courses are aligned with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Best Practices.
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What They Say
I needed CPR certification urgently for my job and provided excellent option. it was quick and up to date . Also learned in details the CPR procedures for infants less than 1 month old
S. Fang
2 Days Ago
The video instruction was very clear and easy to follow. The material was up to date and very relevant. I am so glad I took the course. It saved me lot of time and was convenient. Highly recommended !!!
M. Robles
3 Days Ago
CPR is constantly changing. l am glad i took the course and leaned about the latest changes in AHA guidelines. It was quick and very convenient to take the BLS class on my own time. Easy to use
V. Sikes
4 Days Ago


Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn more about our courses. Our support team is always standing by for further assistance and questions

Q. How Can American Training Association Help

USCPR Online is a leading online educator. Our courses are designed by medical professionals to help others learn how to perform CPR and first aid during emergencies. Not only do we keep you in compliance with CPR certification requirements, but we strive to truly prepare you to act when an emergency occurs. Our courses are designed to help you save a life.

Q. Is Online CPR Certification approved way of earning CPR 

Yes. Online training is an approved and more efficient way to earn your certification. We have certified tens of thousands of students online, including nurses, dentists, physicians, teachers, industrial workers, healthcare professionals, and many others.

Q. How is American Training Association for CPR different from other providers

Our service is designed to help people learn CPR, the research behind it, the steps to perform it, and how to stay safe while helping others. This is done without technical jargon that requires medical experience to understand. We draw information from the latest medical research and guidelines and reference industry standards set by the American Heart Association, OSHA, and the American Red Cross. We update everything as new information is made available. We have years of experience in the medical field, are nationally recognized, and stand by our courses and students. No other online provider works to ensure customer satisfaction as we do. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. Will this program fulfil my employers requirements?

Yes! Our programs follow the same guidelines as the leading classroom CPR course providers. This makes us nationally recognized and able to offer the same level of expertise and experience as other CPR educators. AHA and ECC guidelines are strictly followed, met, and in some cases, exceeded. You can feel confident about enrolling in a CPR or First Aid course with American Training Association for CPR. Of course, you are protected by our money-back guarantee if a problem arises.

Q. What can I expect on certification exam?

Certification exam questions are drawn directly from the course materials. Questions are formatted to be multiple choice or true/false. Most students find the exam extremely fair and easy to pass with proper preparation. You will receive your score as soon as you complete the exam and have the ability to review incorrect questions.
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Why Become CPR or First Aid Certified?

Cardiovascular conditions and heart disease (including sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke) are the leading causes of death in the United States. When the heart stops, blood and oxygen are unable to circulate throughout the body and can lead to brain damage within minutes. A bystander with CPR certification or First Aid certification and training could potentially save a live with their knowledge, skills, and confidence to act in an emergency.

Benefits of Online CPR and First Aid Certification

You don’t need to be a medical professional to learn life-saving skills. Our online classes allow you to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at your own pace. Our training courses, taught by OSHA trained instructors, are designed to fit your schedule and you can print off your wallet certification card instantly after you pass. Renewal is also simply since you can receive your CPR or First Aid recertification 100 percent online.