Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Below are the Terms of Service for American Training Association for CPR (ATA for CPR) and www.uscpronline.com. Registering for a course or multiple courses with ATA for CPR indicates compliance and agreement with these terms. ATA for CPR is represented as “we” or “our”. The registered student is presented as “you” or “your”. These terms may and will change without prior notice.
100% Refund Guarantee
It is the aim of ATA for CPR to provide every customer with a completely satisfying certification or recertification experience. For this reason, we provide a satisfaction guarantee for each course we offer. If one of our courses fails to meet your expectations, contact customer service at ******* to initiate the refund process. Refunds will not be processed if more than 30 days has passed since the registration date or the certification exam has been attempted.

Personal Information Privacy
It is necessary to share some personal information with ATA for CPR to register and earn certification with our company. This may include your name, address, phone number, email address, employment data, date of birth, and payment information. Other/additional personal information may be requested. This information will not be shared with third parties except when required by law.

ATA for CPR will retain your information with the possibility of contacting you in the future with information and opportunities that may potentially interest you.

Do not share your username or password with third parties. It is your responsibility to protect this information from fraudulent activity.

Legal Advice
ATA for CPR does not provide legal advice or legal representation. Good Samaritan laws, as discussed in our coursework, vary as per local and state laws. You need to contact legal authorities or experts within your state to receive specific guidelines and ensure compliance with these laws. It is advisable to contact professional legal representation for any questions or concerns of a legal nature.

Customer Service
ATA for CPR employees a team of specialized customer service agents trained in meeting your needs. These representatives work to answer questions, concerns, and improve the certification experience for all of our clients. In return, we require that all solutions to all concerns are attempted at the local level before involving any third party.

ATA for CPR provides online accredited certifications in a variety of emergency medicine fields/topics. Our courses follow health care directives set by industry leading organizations. Our courses are not backed by the American Heart Association (AHA) because the AHA does not endorse any online educator. It is your responsibility to ensure that your organization/employer will accept our certification prior to beginning our coursework.

Limitations of Liability
ATA for CPR is an online educator. We provide access to educational materials designed to teach users how to respond to emergency situations. We are not responsible for the way that you use this information. By registering for our courses, you accept full responsibility for your actions and the ways that you implement any knowledge gained through studies with ATA for CPR. ATA for CPR is not responsible for any loss of life or injury related to the use of practices and procedures discussed in our courses.

In addition, great effort and attention is paid to providing accurate, current, error free information based on the latest research and guidelines. We are not responsible for any errors or incomplete information found on www.uscpronline.com, in our courses, or through links on our pages.

ATA for CPR uses a cognitive approach to CPR and first aid instruction. We teach about these practices and present the steps for their use, but do not provide hands-on practice. We do not guarantee that you will be fit to perform CPR or other healthcare procedures after taking our courses. It is advised that you will be best prepared to handle an emergency situation by pairing our course with hands-on skill instruction in a clinical setting.

Our courses provide an introduction and overview of lifesaving techniques. These courses are not a stand-alone comprehensive education in advance cardiac life support. You are advised to reference other training materials and sources before entering into situations where you are expected to provide advanced care.

Why Chose Us
We offer discount packages designed to meet the needs of groups, both large and small. We can customize a group account package that best suits your organization’s needs, from ten members to ten thousand members. Our group accounts involve a simple set-up process and then the same level of quality customer service given to all our students. Group members have the same access to our materials as individual students…Learn More

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