Group pricing varies by the size of your group. Reach out to us to find out the best discounts for your group. We'll set up your group a dashboard where you can add more participants.
Once your dashboard is set up, you can add participants to the group, purchase additional courses, view their certification status, download the certificates, etc.
Automated communication will go out to participants with their login credentials. Then, your group can certify at their convenience from the office, home, or on the go.

Group CPR training in the Workplace

USCPR Online offers discount packages designed to meet the needs of groups, both large and small. We can customize a group account package that best suits your organization's needs, from ten members to ten thousand members. Our group accounts involve a simple setup process and then the same level of quality customer service given to all our students. In addition, group members have the same access to our materials as individual students. Group accounts are available for student use as soon as 24 hours after start-up. Contact us directly for information about group rates, discounts, and specials.

Group accounts are perfect for:
Work Place Training
In-Service Days
Day Cares and Preschools through Higher Education
Community Groups
Youth Groups
Churches and Religious Organizations 

Group training can be conducted during business hours or from employees'/members' homes. Our username and password format allow students to log in from any web-enabled device, be that from the home or the office. It's a great way to ensure that new employees are certified or that staff requiring certification remains in compliance. 

Advantages of Group CPR training

Group CPR training will give you the certification and skills you need to administer CPR. It will also give your group practice working together. Your team will leave the training feeling more prepared for emergencies, and it might just save a life!
If you want your group or employees to take CPR training, enrolling in our CPR group training is a great way to do it. It comes with many additional benefits for your company.
  • Our online group training can accommodate groups of any size.
  • We offer group discounts, with the savings increasing as the group size increases. The cost will include the study guides, training materials, and exam fees.
  • We have a wide range of courses to provide the level of first-aid training your team needs.
  • You can get more of your employees trained in CPR simultaneously.

Flexible options for ongoing training

Once your group signs up for any of our certification courses, you’ll get access to a group dashboard where you can keep track of your progress and can purchase additional classes. This is an excellent chance to add new members or staff to the training or choose new courses to expand your group’s training. Our training doesn’t come with a deadline or expiration, so you can learn at a pace that suits your schedule. Even after completing examinations, you will still have full access to our extensive training materials and study guide.

Benefits of Group CPR Certification Classes

There are many benefits to having your staff take part in our online CPR training. These include:
  • Discounts beyond our already low rates
  • Unlimited course access, without paying additional exam fees
  • Quick start-up time-just few hours after signup
  • Digital certification cards access for your group from your dashboard
  • Flexible 24/7 scheduling
  • We have personalized customer service with fanatic support.

Enroll now!

Sign up for the course(s) you would like to take on our homepage. Just click the “Sign Up Now” button on our homepage for the course you wish to purchase and follow the prompts to checkout.
  • Take and retake the exam as many times as you need to pass — it’s free
  • Print as many copies of your wall certificate and wallet-sized card as you wish — it’s free
  • Extend your registration to accommodate your busy schedule — it’s free
  • Extend your registration to accommodate your busy schedule — it’s free
  • Unlimited, prompt, US-based 7-day-a-week support — it’s free


Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn more about our courses. Our support team is always standing by for further assistance and questions

Q. What is Online CPR Certification?

Online CPR certification is an internet based program that teaches the principles of CPR and requires students to pass a certification exam before issuing a certification. This is similar to the procedure used for a face-to-face CPR course. Online certification is available to anyone with internet access and provides internationally accepted CPR certification.

Q. What can USCPR Online offer me?

USCPR Online is a leading online CPR educator. Our courses are designed by medical professionals to help others learn how to perform CPR and first aid during emergencies. Not only do we keep you in compliance with CPR certification requirements, but we strive to truly prepare you to act when an emergency occurs. Our courses are designed to help you save a life.

Q. Is online training an approved way to earn a certification?

Yes. Online training is an approved and more efficient way to earn your certification. We have certified tens of thousands of students online, including nurses, dentists, physicians, teachers, industrial workers, healthcare professionals, and many others.

Q. How is USCPR Online different from other online education providers?

Our service is designed to help people learn CPR, the research behind it, the steps to perform it, and how to stay safe while helping others. This is done without technical jargon that requires medical experience to understand. We draw information from the latest medical research and guidelines and reference industry standards set by the American Heart Association, OSHA, and the American Red Cross. We update everything as new information is made available. We have years of experience in the medical field, are nationally recognized, and stand by our courses and students. No other online provider works to ensure customer satisfaction as we do. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. Will your program fulfill my employer's requirements?

Yes! Our programs follow the same guidelines as the leading classroom CPR course providers. This makes us nationally recognized and able to offer the same level of expertise and experience as other CPR educators. AHA and ECC guidelines are strictly followed, met, and sometimes exceeded. You can feel confident about enrolling in a CPR or First Aid course with American Training Association for CPR. Of course, you are protected by our money-back guarantee if a problem arises.
Courses Available from Group Classes
Group CPR Certification: This course will help you learn how to perform CPR correctly, the proper way to administer chest compressions., and the use of an AED or Automated External Defibrillator. Our CPR certification class is based on the American Heart Association guidelines.

Group First Aid Certification: Our First Aid course will teach you how to handle medical emergencies like choking, poisoning, burns, external bleeding, broken bones, and sprains.

CPR/AED and First Aid Certification: This course will give you knowledge in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, proper use of Automated External Defibrillator, and basic first aid for airway obstruction or choking poisoning, bleeding, fracture. Our CPR/AED and First Aid Course is based on the American Heart Association.

Group Healthcare CPR Certification: This course is for Professionals in the healthcare industry, especially those charged with responding to an emergency. This CPR for Healthcare Professionals covers critical life-support skills and skills necessary for administering successful CPR/AEDs to infants, children, and adults.

Group Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification: This BLS course addresses some of the most common problems first aiders face. It creates a platform that enables you to acquire worth of skills quickly. We’ll teach you practical skills that are applied universally to save lives.