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Importance of Custom-Made First Aid Kits


October 11, 2020

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There is no better way to be prepared for emergencies than having a well-stocked first aid kit within reach. Having a first aid kit at home ensures the safety of your family when emergencies occur. First aid kits are available in medical stores. You can also prepare your first aid kit at home or place of work.

These days people are enrolling for the First aid classes to get basic understanding of safety and prepare themselves for emergencies. These courses provide the elementary training to people so that they can face unwanted situations like burn, accident, heart attack etc. First aid certification courses offer lifesaving knowledge that helps people save life of their loved ones during the emergency.

First aid kit are the set of materials and tools (like scissors, bandages, cotton, antibiotics etc) used during the emergency treatment of a sick or injured person. To assemble a first aid kit, you should be aware of the contents. You will need a durable waterproof bag, smaller sized Ziploc bags, marker, and labeling tape for preparation. A standard first aid kit contains personal items such as emergency phone numbers, medications, and any other things recommended by your healthcare provider.

Here are the items one should have in their first aid kit:

  • Two absorbent compress dressing
  • Adhesive bandages of assorted sizes
  • An adhesive cloth tape
  • Antibiotic ointment packets
  • Antiseptic wipe packets
  • Aspirin
  • Emergency first aid guide
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • Four by 4-inch Sterile gauze pads
  • An emergency blanket
  • A breathing barrier
  • Oral thermometer
  • At least 2triangular bandages
  • A roller bandage- 14 inches wide
  • 53in by 3in sterile gauze pads
  • Gauze roll/roller bandage
  • Instant cold compress
  • At least two pairs of nonlatex gloves
  • Hydrocortisone ointment
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • First aid manual
  • Surgical mask
  • Syringe and medicine spoon/cup
  • Eyewash solution
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Antiseptic solution and towelettes

Why Homemade First Aid Kits Are Better:

1. Homemade first aid kits are easy to assemble.

Assembling of first aid kit is easy as long as you know what you need. The procedure involves putting everything in categories. For instance, wound care, bandages, medications, and others. Put the different supplies in well-labeled Ziploc bags. Pack each type separately for ease of access when needed.

You should always have in mind are the kind of people likely to use the first aid kit. By putting everyone into consideration, you are more likely to come up with a comprehensive package. It is best to put down a list of items you would wish to include. If you are going for a specific trip or activity, always include the most suitable things.

2. The necessary items

Having a customized first aid kit ensures that you avoid having unnecessary items. It also allows you to include what you need. The number and sizes of items contained first aid kits from the shop might be too much for an individual. If you live alone, it would be logical to work out a list with the right amounts of items you are likely to require and put them together conveniently.

Everyone has unique needs. A home first aid kit allows for the inclusion of the needs of everyone. Parents and guardians should always have a customized first aid with the children in mind. It is also important to include items that are easy to use for everyone involved.

Older children should be aware of all the items in the kit and procedures on their uses.  It would be of no use having all kinds of things and zero know-how in case of emergencies. Parents should alternatively enroll their children on first aid classes to equip them with different skills of handling emergencies at the same time avoiding the incidents of injuries.

3. First Aid kits at Home are more organized.

Making your first aid kit allows you room for organizing. You systematically place the different items for ease of location whenever needed. First aid kits purchased from the store might pose problems in the position of things when a real emergency occurs.

4. It is cheaper

Planning out your first aid kit is more convenient in terms of budget. Depending on your needs, buying a first aid kit from the store might be too expensive. There are certain items you might not require when going out on specific activities. For this reason, you are in a position to come up with a list and layout a reasonable budget while having everything you require.

In some cases, it would be much cheaper to buy single items and conveniently package them. When coming up with your kit, you get to decide on the size and amount of items you will require. The items you choose to buy are more specific to your needs and liking at the same time, cutting down on cost.

5. The right quality of products

When coming up with your first aid kit, you get to pick items matching your standards. Most first aid kits contain sub-standard materials. In some cases, the items included in the first aid kits we purchase from the shop are not useful in meeting our needs. Selecting independent items and products helps you come up with high quality and long-lasting, most skit.

Having a customized kit allows the choice of the items best suited to the needs of the users. It includes the most suitable drugs to add as per the users’ health states.

6. Ease of use

When coming up with your first aid kit, it is least likely to include items you wouldn’t know how to use. Having simple things you are familiar with gives you ample time when giving first aid. The chances are that some of the items contained in a manufacturer’s kit could pose difficulties for you when using. As a result, it would affect the quality of the first aid you give. It also consumes a lot of time while trying to figure out which item to use and going through the instructions on the use.

Having a homemade convenient first aid kit allows you room to include the different items you are familiar with their use without having to go through instructions on use and other procedures from the manufacturer.

7. It is fun

Coming up with your first aid kit can be fun. You get to plan it and organize it in a way best suited to your needs. In the process, you get to assess different items and choose according to your test and liking.

It can be a family activity whereby each member of the family is involved. At the same time, you can learn from each other on the different uses of the items you include in your first aid kit. Families can seize the opportunity to train each other on how to attend to various emergencies. It allows for inclusivity in making decisions on the most convenient location for placing the first aid kit for ease of access by all.


Be it at home or your place of work, first aid kits are essential. You should always have one with you, at home, office and even in the car. The availability of a first aid kit should be within the reach that allows the best chances of survival when a serious emergency occurs.

You should check your first aid kits frequently. It is advisable to plan monthly checking to replace missing items, items that run out and take out the expired ones. In the course of confusion, certain risks might occur, such as giving expired drugs, which can worsen an already devious situation. 

If you wouldn’t know how to take care of specific health emergencies, you should enroll for first aid classes. Online First Aid training and certification course are convenient with no minimum qualifications and are also affordable.

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