Preventive Measure for Heart Diseases

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Arteriosclerosis is the most common disease for aging men and women of today’s urban lifestyle. What is it? Have you heard this before? You certainly know about it by another name but never cared about it. It is the hardness of arteries caused due to the excess of cholesterol plaque in blood. Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of men and 50 percent women having age over 50 are patients of arteriosclerosis.

The more shocking fact is that 50 percent of these women and 35 percent of the men die due to this arteriosclerosis. There are several programs designed to prevent diseases related to heart or to at least enable the patient to sustain against any disability caused by cardiac disease or to protect them against death.

People with ages over 50 are more prone to cardiac diseases. Heart diseases are of several kinds we are going to converge on two main of them what they are? How can we reduce the risks prevalent to them?

So at first, we are going to discuss Ischemic heart disease, it is also called coronary artery disease. In this disease, the arteries are damaged by excessive cholesterol plaque. If not treated it could cause a heart attack which may lead to a fatal death because the cholesterol hinders pumping function of theheart and result in its failure.

The sedentary lifestyle we live is the leading cause of this disease, also smoking, high blood pressure and high blood glucose are the causes of inflammation in arteries. The arteries at first are damaged at their internal lining then these excessive cholesterol sediments in these injured portions and move into the walls of arteries. Due to this sedimentation flow of blood is restricted which hardens arteries increase the risk of rupture.

This can be reasonably controlled with the help of medication and with some alterations in the lifestyle of the patient. Such patients are instructed to quit smoking, exercise regularly, watch their blood pressure and glucose levels keenly and by following a proper diet and medication instruction as per the advice of a doctor .

Now we will discuss conduction disorder or rhythm disorders of theheart also called palpitation. This irregularity of heart beats are generally caused due to aging, high blood pressure and high blood glucose but patients with habits of smoking, too much alcohol usage are more prone to be a victim of palpitation.

This malfunctioning of heart damages the nervous system and increases the risks of stroke in such patients. Such patients are advised strictly to consult a doctor and follow the instructions correctly as this disease is also curable and controllable with the drugs like warfarin, paradox,etc .

So many of the heart disease are controllable and prevented if proper treatment is adopted.

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