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Difference between CPR and First Aid

CPR vs First Aid- The Basic Difference


January 27, 2020

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Difference between CPR and First Aid

First aid and CPR are both taken in emergencies to save lives. CPR is specific while first aid is a broad practice encompassing CPR among other lifesaving skills. CPR and first aid training are available to interested persons through institutions of choice mostly through online certification programs. These two are crucial skills and knowledge as they can make a difference between life and death.

In CPR, the victim is usually unconscious and without a detectable pulse. A person receiving CPR can hardly perform it on themselves. The same doesn’t always apply to persons receiving first aid. Persons can deliver first aid to themselves — some of the cases of first aid demand for the participation of the victim. The victim is, at times, given instructions on how to act.

The Major Differences Between CPR and First Aid

CPR is Exclusive Unlike First Aid That Is Broad

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is performed exclusively to patients of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is a fatal condition that results in sudden heart dysfunction. A patient suffering from cardiac arrest is unconscious and unable to breathe. While this is a form of first aid, it applies procedures that are exclusive to that specified condition.

First aid can be defined as the immediate help a patient or victim receives before professional assistance arrives. First aid can take many forms as it involves different procedures depending on the state of the victim. Being a field first aid certification is crucial. There are various first aid courses that individuals can take with most institutions readily offering online first aid classes.

Person training on first aid, such as online first aid certification cover different forms of injuries and how to handle persons with fractures. First aid online training also encompassed burns of varying degrees and how to deal with persons suffering from such to prevent pain, suffering and further injury.

CPR Applies To More Critical Conditions

CPR is more vital as compared to some incidences of first aid. Persons suffering from cardiac arrest are legally dead. The chances of reviving a person suffering from cardiac arrest are dependent on time. Every minute counts and the faster the procedure begins, the higher the likelihood of the person surviving. A person who successfully receives CPR should see a medical specialist for further assessment. It applies regardless of whether the person recovers normal breathing and regular heartbeat. All the more reasons as to why people choose online CPR certification programs.

Some cases that demand first aid are not as critical.  At times persons who receive first aid do not need to see a specialist. First aid applies to some minor injuries and is successful without further medical consultation. Minor sprains, cuts and burns are some of these examples.

CPR is Procedural

CPR employs specific procedures that can only be carried out by skilled persons. The steps followed during CPR are universal and are attainable through online CPR training. Every step followed through is crucial and quite significant in saving a person’s life. As the person suffering from cardiac arrest is only relivable through the application of Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The AED machine is specific to cardiac arrest victims. These technical skills are easily attainable in online CPR training. Persons require training to be able to revive cardiac arrest patients because the quality of CPR given to a victim determines the chances of survival. The steps involved in giving CPR are also sensitive as more injury can result in patients.

First aid mostly takes different forms. There are various ways of taking care of burns, for example. The aim of giving first aid is to relieve pain, suffering and loss of life before professional help takes over the situation.

CPR and First Aid Have Diverse Objectives

CPR exclusively aims at providing an artificial heartbeat to restore blood circulation and prevent vital organs from dying. The supply of oxygen is cut off in patients of cardiac arrest because there is no breathing, and there is no heartbeat. Body cells rely on oxygen supplied by blood to stay alive. For this reason, the pulse is very critical, and a person performing CPR has to keep doing it until the victim is attended to by professionals.

First aid targets at achieving different purposes. The performance of first aid is dependent on the state of the victim and the cause of suffering. Though just as in CPR, First Aid aims at saving lives, the critical objective varies. For example, in the case of an accident, first aid is preferred and performed to stop bleeding and relieve pain.


Both procedures are essential. A person trained in both CPR and first aid is quite useful to society. There are many avenues of acquiring both skills and knowledge in CPR. Persons interested in the knowledge and skills can easily enroll for online certification programs to obtain the certifications of choice.

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