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How to Choose the Best Online CPR and First Aid Training Course?


September 24, 2021

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First aid is any form of help given in health emergencies or injuries to save the life of the victim, prevent suffering and reduce pain. There are different forms of first aid.  The type of first aid provided differs depending on the emergency and condition of the victim. In cases of emergency, first aid is provided to sustain life as the victim awaits professional medical care. A lot of lives are saved every day through first aid. First aid makes use of locally available materials to provide the necessary assistance. 

CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a critical first aid procedure for cardiac arrest victims and victims of drowning. Cardiac arrest is a heart condition whereby the victims heart can’t pump blood. The human body relies on blood for oxygen and nutrients which are used for cellular processes. When a victim undergoes cardiac arrest, the body’s oxygen supply is cut short and the victim falls unconscious. 

If CPR is not done within the first two minutes, the person may have no chance to live again. In that case, it also means the person can get brain damage because of a lack of blood flow to the brain. CPR involves compressing the chest and the heart to enhance blood to be pumped to the brain. In most institutions, CPR training also covers AED certification. 

How To Choose Online CPR and First Aid Training Course?

There are various factors you should have in mind when choosing CPR and first aid online courses. 

Choose an Accredited Institutions:

In the majority of the states, a single agency or institution cannot accredit a CPR class. But any individual or commercial can offer some training and provide a certificate to prove you are fully accredited. Most of the US employers accept accreditation from the national safety council, American heart association, and American red cross. The institutions provide guidelines for taking care of health emergencies. These guidelines are based on research and are constantly changing. Accredited institutions follow the various guidelines. Their trainers hold the require qualifications and experience. The content such institutions provide is also up to standard. There are different institutions offering online CPR and first aid certifications programs. Each institution will makes similar promises of quality which might not match the quality of the content. It is best to research on the institution and find out if they are legit.

The charges for accredited institutions might be higher than others you’ll find online. It is best to always go for value for money. Even with the right skills and knowledge, the papers you obtain for the training might get rejected by your employer. 

The Internet houses a lot of con-artists, who make a living through fraud. The only line certification you choose should be well known with good reviews. It is best to go for well known institutions such the “USCPROnline.com” which has been providing the service for years with excellent success results.

Course Cost:

After choosing several accredited institutions, you need to assess the costs of the certification against your budget. As long as the institution is accredited, always go for the affordable course. In organizational setting, you should be able to talk to your employers before taking any of the online CPR classes. Most of these online classes are free and only charge a minimal fee to cater for your certificate. Most of the online CPR courses are charged between $15 to $50. These online classes cannot equip you with the level of confidence required when saving a life during a life-threatening situation because the online courses lack teaching devices and hand-on instructions.

Your training needs and nature of your work:

It is important to assess your first aid needs before you choose your certification program. Various institutions provide options. There are specialized programs for different professions. If you are seeking training for your team, it’s best to seek advice from your institution of choice. Most institutions will provide a training package for different professionals and groups. If the institution doesn’t offer those specialized programs, you can work together and assess your training needs. From those needs, the institution can provide the necessary certification program.

The first aid certification should also be best suited to your family needs. If you have a family member with a certain health condition, you might want to take up a first aid course that would help you provide better care to him or her. Those with small children, also need to take up training courses that are more aligned to the needs of children. CPR and some first aid procedures for children and adults differ. You should always consult the institution to provide the best program.

Importance of First Aid and CPR Training

First aid and CPR are critical life skills which are essential in everyday life. CPR and first aid skills are easy to acquire and are available for anyone regardless of their age and education. Here are some advantages of CPR and first aid training:

  • CPR/First Aid Saves Lives: More cardiac arrest victims and persons with other health emergencies would survive if more people were knowledgeable about first aid and the performance of CPR. Some medical emergencies require quick action to save the life of the victim. The chances of survival of cardiac arrest victims are dependent on the availability of someone who can perform CPR and how fast emergency medical help can arrive. With so many of health emergencies occurring at home, the life you save could be that of a loved one.
  • It is trainable to anyone: CPR and first aid training have so age and educational limitations. The courses are available to persons of all ages and educational qualifications, leaving no excuse for not holding the certification.
  • Emergencies can occur anywhere when least expected: CPR and first aid certified persons remain limited. The CPR skills are very much needed in our society as no one sees such emergencies coming. When such crises occur at home and to a loved one, a skilled family member would know how to act, especially if no one else is around to help.
  •  CPR prevents brain death: People who experience cardiac arrest are at risk of suffering permanent brain damage, which could leave them bedridden or unable to perform normal daily functions. The chest compressions performed on cardiac arrest victims ensure the brain retains the required oxygen to prevent the massive death of its cells.
  • It gives one the confidence to save lives: CPR and first aid trained persons can give quality first aid where needed and save lives. In a cardiac arrest situation, every second that passes without CPR is a step to the grave. Most bystanders are reluctant to offer assistance to injured victims as they fear to hurt the victim. The skills and knowledge acquired in first aid certification offer the expertise which makes the individual ready to take up any emergencies that occur. 
  • Recognizing of different emergency cases for proper management: Early recognition of a cardiac arrest and other emergency cases gives room for saving a life. The ability to distinguish one health emergency from another is very critical. An unskilled person can easily misdiagnose and give the wrong assistance risking the life of the victim.
  • CPR boosts self-worth: CPR and first aid certification increases a person’s value and self-worth. Any knowledge in first aid is an asset to the owner. In these certification training, learners acquire new skills and a wealth of knowledge they’re didn’t have before. Whenever you save a person’s life, you become a hero to that person and those that care about him or her. It also leaves you with a sense of fulfillment.  On the other hand, being a bystander in an emergency leaves you with guilt in case the person involved dies. With CPR and first aid certification, you always know how to act, whether alone or in teams, and offer the necessary help. 
  • The skills and certification could earn you your next job: CPR and first aid certification is a requirement in some careers, such as those of a lifeguard and security guards. If you are interested in pursuing such careers, your CPR and first aid certification will come in handy.
  • CPR offers hope and prevents panicking: Health emergencies cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty to the loved ones. A skilled person is the only source of hope for the victim before emergency medical assistance arrives. First training offers skills on how to manage a healthy emergency and calm down people around to prevent panic.


The training is available in person and online platforms. With just a few hours to spare, anyone can take up CPR online classes and first aid certification from the comfort of their home with only a computer and Internet connection. The online training provides for knowledge and hands-on experience. Upon completion of the course, participants have to go through an online test. Those who excel obtains a certificate valid for two years.  The document can be mailed the same day or printed immediately.

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