About Us

About Us

USCPR Online is an online certification provider. We specialize in providing training courses that lead to certifications in CPR, First Aid, Basic Life Support, and other emergency care areas. These certifications are internationally accepted and respected by employers, volunteer organizations, regulatory associations, and public health groups alike. We aim to provide the best Certification experience possible while providing the best user-friendly tools to help promote online learning.

We have certified over 1,000,000 students in the past 11+ years

At USCPR Online, we have certification courses available for all healthcare providers, workplace employee, and anyone in the community who are interested in learning lifesaving skills. Our certification courses allow you to comply with employer or volunteer organization requirements. In addition, our courses are strictly designed to be the most efficient way to earn your certification from the comfort of your home or office. Our coursework addresses the needs of a variety of industries, including:

Childcare, Preschool, and Babysitting
Emergency Medicine
Dental Arts
Business Corporations
Educational Institutions, including Colleges and Universities
Consulting Firms
Government Agencies
Lifeguarding and Public Safety

Online courses at USCPR Online present the latest research in emergency medical care. Courses are leveled to meet the needs of someone with no previous medical training through an experienced medical professional. We also provide unlimited test takes with instant results. Upon passing the certification exam, you will receive your digital certificate instantly. We will also ship your certification card within 2 to 5 business days. All courses incorporate the latest ECC and OSHA guidelines and are accepted nationally and worldwide, backed by our risk-free, money-back guarantee! 

Earning an initial certification with USCPR Online or completing a recertification course is possible. Either way, students are guaranteed a direct route to certification without the hassles and frustration of face-to-face courses, performance exams, and inconvenient schedules.