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How it Works

Our association provides students with an online approach to healthcare certifications. We take the best feature of common classroom courses-access to top medical knowledge-and present it to our students in an online and accessible format. Our online courses offer low cost, flexible scheduling, and 24/7 access while maintaining the highest attention to presenting industry standards in accordance with the latest medical research findings. Our course authors combine years of medical experience as board certified doctors with the latest publications from organizations like the American Heart Association, the International Red Cross, and OSHA. We use professional educators to support these medical practitioners in developing effective study materials. The end result is a well organized, easy to follow, up-to-date, and complete online study guide that prepares students for our online certification exam and two years of internationally recognized health care certifications.

Where Do I Begin?

Begin by selecting the certifications you desire. This may come from personal interest, volunteer obligations, or employer mandates. No matter why you want or need the certification, ATA for CPR can get you there. Courses offered by our association include:

  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Basic First Aid Certification
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certification (combination course)
  • CPR/AED Certification for Health Professionals
  • Basic Life Support Certification

Each course is designed to meet the needs of someone with limited medical experience or a seasoned professional. Courses are valid for initial certification or recertification to replace an expiring certification. It does not matter who issued your original certification.

Once you have selected the course (or courses) that suit your needs and interests, it's time to register for the course.

  • Learn

  • Once you have completed the registration process, your username and password are activated. This gives you 60 days of unlimited online access to our study guides, practice exams, and certification exams. You may log in and out of the study guide as your schedule allows until you are ready to take the certification exam. Some students choose to earn their certifications in one day, usually in less than two hours, while others spread the process over many days, working for a few minutes at a time. Either way, you set the pace for your learning. You can log into the course from any web-enabled device… at home, in the office, or at an internet hot spot.

  • Exam

  • Our certification exams are a combination of 25 multiple choice and true/false questions. There is no skill demonstration or hands-on testing required. You do not need to travel to an examination facility to take the test, nor meet face-to-face with an instruction. Everything is completed online. Exam questions come directly from our online study guides and are a straight forward assessment of your understanding of the medical information presented in the course. Students needs to score 80% or higher on the certification exam to earn a two-year certificate.

  • Re-Test (if needed)

  • It's not the end of the line if you score a 79% or lower on the certification exam. All you have to do is return to the online study guide and review the topics that you missed. Once you feel comfortable with these areas, return to the certification exam and take it again. You are eligible for unlimited exam retakes as part of your registration fee.

  • You're Certified!

  • Once our system has registered your passing exam score, you will have immediate access to a printable certification wallet card. Download the pdf file and print it from any printer. You will also receive an official wallet card in the mail within a few business days. Your certification is valid from two years of your exam date. At the end of this time, return to American Training Association for CPR to earn recertification, refresh your knowledge, and stay in compliance.

That's it! Certifying with ATA for CPR is easy, fast, and affordable. All our students benefit from the best customer service available and each registration is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Earn your healthcare certifications today.