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CPR/AED Certification for community and workplace

CPR/AED Certification
(Community and Workplace)

CPR/AED Certification

For the Community and Workplace
CPR (Adult/Child/Infant)
Recovery Position


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Basic First Aid Certification, Community and workplace

Basic First Aid Certification
(Community and Workplace)

Basic First
Aid Certification

For the Community and workplace
Basic First Aid Skills
Universal Precautions
Injury Prevention


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Basic First Aid with CPR/AED Certification

Basic First Aid with CPR/AED

CPR/AED/First Aid

For the Community and workplace Basic
CPR Course Material
First Aid Course Material
CPR/AED Certification


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CPR/AED Certification for Healthcare Professionals

CPR/AED Certification
for Healthcare Professional

CPR/AED Certification
for Healthcare Professional

CPR (Adult/Child/Infant)
Healthcare Aspect


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Basic Life Support Certification

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support Certification

CPR Course Material
First Aid Course Material
Blood borne Pathogens
Emergency Oxygen


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CPR for Individuals

CPR Training and Certification for Individuals

We offer certification courses for Community, Workplace Employees, and Healthcare providers. Thousands of institutions and organizations accept our course certification worldwide and trusted by hundreds of thousands of professionals like you all over the United States and worldwide.

Nationally Accepted Certification

2-year certification that you can print from your printer instantly

Follows latest AHA & ECC/ILCOR guidelines (2015)

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 compliant

Free Wallet Cart mailed the same day

Saves Time (one hour per course) and Provides Best Value

Over 60 mins training video

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Interactive learning module

Direct Exam available for experienced professionals (full training is always recommended)

Created by Board-Certified Physician and professional educators

CPR certification in Michigan

American Training Association for CPR provides online CPR and First Aid training that is available to all Michigan residents, including those in Detroit, and Grand Rapids.

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique used on cardiac arrest victims. Cardiac arrest happens if the heart unexpectedly stops beating. Without a heartbeat, the heart cannot pump blood to the body's major organs like the brain and liver. Blood contains oxygen, which these organs require to survive. Without oxygen, serious brain damage occurs within four minutes and death occurs within ten minutes. CPR manually pumps oxygenated blood to the organs when the heart is not able to do so because of cardiovascular complications.

What are the latest guidelines for performing CPR?

Rescuers should perform CPR according to the latest American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, which lists the following steps:

  1. Check the victim for responsiveness. If they do not respond, and they do not have a pulse, have another bystander call 911 and begin performing CPR immediately. Remember that fast action is critical to a victim's survival so rescuers should not delay beginning CPR or take any breaks for more than 10 seconds at a time once they begin CPR.
  2. Perform chest compressions, pressing down a minimum of 2 inches on the victim’s chest, at a rate of 120 compressions per minute. Continue compressions until emergency medical assistance arrives.
  3. If a victim is not breathing, rescuers should perform rescue breathing. Placing your mouth over the victim's, deliver one rescue breath and observe if their chest rises. If it does not, give the second breath before resuming chest compressions.

Can an individual perform CPR if they are not certified?

Bystander action saves lives, even if they are not formally trained in CPR. Individuals who do not have CPR certification should practice compressions-only CPR, which is the simplest method. When it comes to cardiac arrest, it is always better to take action than do nothing. Individuals are strongly encouraged to complete CPR certification to gain the skills required to act with confidence in an emergency.

Michigan CPR Data

  • Michigan ranks 42nd out of 50 states for cardiovascular deaths in one year.
  • Annually, there are 289 cardiovascular deaths for every 100,000 people in Michigan.
  • Over 350,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests happen across the US every year
  • Cardiac arrest is a top cause of death in America.
  • Only 46% of Americans who died from cardiovascular complications had received CPR before emergency medical support arrived.
  • In Michigan, men are 43% more likely to die from a cardiovascular complication than women are.

What are some basic first aid procedures that a free class will cover?

First aid is meant to preserve life and treat accidental injuries until further medical care is available. Some of the most common injuries that a first aid course will cover are head injuries, wounds, bone fractures, poisoning, choking, and burns. Individuals should note that free first aid classes will provide useful information but only paid versions will give nationally recognized AHA or Red Cross CPR and first aid certification to participants who successfully complete the course.

What is the procedure for treating minor burns?

First degree burns are easily treatable with first aid. First-degree burns are painful and cause redness and swelling in the affected area. To treat a first-degree burn, soak the wound in cold water. After the wound has had time to cool, apply an ointment like Neosporin or Aloe Vera. Dress the wound with gauze and change bandages daily. Individuals may take painkillers like Tylenol or anti-inflammatory medications like Advil. Second or third-degree burns penetrate the first layer of skin and will require immediate emergency medical attention.

Where can I find BLS, CPR, and First Aid classes near me?

Basic life support (BLS), CPR, and first aid classes are offered across Michigan, in locations throughout the main centers like Flint and Ann Arbor. In-person courses are offered at community centers, hospitals, swimming pools, and through community health organizations. Online classes are an excellent option for people who do not live in an area where courses are offered or for busy professionals who prefer to complete their training on their own schedule. Individuals should note that free CPR classes are informative but will not offer certification upon completion. Certification courses will cover core competencies as well as more specialized procedures like child or infant CPR.

CPR Certification and Renewals

What course options are available for healthcare professionals?

In addition to basic CPR and first aid courses, there are many advanced classes for individuals who work in the healthcare industry. To supplement their basic certification, these individuals may consider a first responder course, baby CPR classes, an AHA healthcare provider CPR class, or CPR for the professional rescuer.

Where can I find CPR renewals near me?

Participants can renew their CPR and first aid credentials through classes in Michigan’s main city centers, in the same locations where they obtained their original certification. Alternatively, they may opt to renew their certification by completing an online course, which many people find to be a more convenient option for their busy schedules.

5 Reasons Why American Training Association for CPR are the leaders in CPR/AED/First Aid Certification in Michigan:

  1. Our courses provide successful participants with the ability to print their certification card immediately. An official CPR card will be mailed the next day, and our certifications are valid for two years from the course completion date.
  2. Our certification is nationally recognized, enabling successful participants to practice CPR and first aid across the US.
  3. Our course follows the latest guidelines from the AHA, Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC), and the International Committee Responsible for Coordination of all aspects of Cardiopulmonary and Cerebral Resuscitation (ILCOR), and is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant.
  4. Our course material is written by AHA-trained, board-certified physicians and educators.
  5. Our interactive learning model is easy for any individual to use, regardless of what their preferred learning style is.

Obtain CPR and First Aid Certification Today

CPR and first aid certification have never been more accessible than with American Training Association for CPR. Take one of our convenient and reputable courses to earn your certification and learn the skills you need to save lives. Visit US to begin your CPR and first aid certification today.

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Major Hospitals in Michigan

Hospital Name Address Phone
Emma L Bixby Medical Center 818 Riverside Avenue, Adrian, MI 49221 (517) 265-0900
Bronson Methodist Hospital 601 John Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 (269) 341-6000
Community Health Center Of Branch County 274 E Chicago St, Coldwater, MI 49036 (517) 279-5400
Pennock Hospital 1009 W Green St, Hastings, MI 49058 (269) 945-3451
Mclaren Bay Region 1900 Columbus Ave, Bay City, MI 48708 (989) 894-3000
Saint Mary'S Health Care 200 Jefferson Avenue Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 685-5000
Munson Medical Center 1105 Sixth Street, Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 935-5000
Otsego Memorial Hospital 825 N Center Ave, Gaylord, MI 49735 (989) 731-2100
Genesys Regional Medical Center - Health Park One Genesys Parkway, Grand Blanc, MI 48439 (810) 606-5000
Carson City Hospital 406 East Elm St, Carson City, MI 48811 (989) 584-3131
Spectrum Health United Memorial - Kelsey Campus 418 Washington, Lakeview, MI 48850 (989) 352-7211
Mercy Health Partners, Lakeshore Campus 72 South State Street, Shelby, MI 49455 (231) 861-2156
Allegan General Hospital 555 Linn Street, Allegan, MI 49010 (269) 686-4101

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